About FamilyAssist

Family Assist Service (FAS) is an application-based service that uses a patented voice data collection technology to allow members to be become a loved one's "advocate" by interacting and monitoring the challenges of aging. This includes the roles of assessing cognitive decline with daily or hourly contact. FAS allows the head of household to be the family "Social Synchronizer" by providing a ubiquitous methods of communication and tools that allow for monitoring and/or checking on the health condition of Seniors and family members, social tracking of family members or notifications for entire family members with storage into a HIPAA compliant personal Health Record (PHR).

FAS direct uses are divided into three broad categories:

  • Safety enhancing technologies
  • Technology services for health and wellness
  • Social connectedness technology services

FAS is user technology agnostic requiring only a basic phone to function. FAS has a person-centered approach that allows "Aging in place" by addressing Quality of Life issues Helping Seniors with everyday stresses/ exercises with "gentle reminders" allow the Head of the Household (HoH) to continually place intelligent notifications that allow the loved one the comfort and dignity of remaining in their own home. This service assess the physical and mental capabilities of their loved ones. These can be used as an additional "peace of mind" service already living in an assisted living facility, providing extra-safety net of the parent/senior and relief for the HOH that proper care is being administered. FAS patented notification system can alert the HOH and the primary emergency services based of data criteria.